Stillness for solo bass, commissioned by Charlie Carswell (2014)
Empty Suite for solo guitar (2014)
Grasp for solo cello, written for Thea Mesirow (2014)
Into Perdition for solo piano (2012)
Abiogenesis for solo guitar (2011).
Exploration #1 in Ptolemy’s Equable Diatonic for fretless guitar (2011).
Exploration #2 in Ptolemy’s Equable Diatonic for fretless guitar (2011)
Conatus for solo guitar (2010)
Captive Thought for solo guitar (2009)
Orchard for solo guitar (2008)

Water Falls for brass ensemble (2014)
Somewhere to Start for guitar and violin (2014)
Fall Creek for Balinese gamelan (2014)
Ameles Potamos for gender barung, gender panerus, slenthem, violin, and tape (2014)
Artifice for guitar and flute (2014)
Sagrada Familia for cello and piano (2014).
Night Under the Bay Trees for string quartet (2014)

Owl of Minerva for harp and clarinet (2014)
Beds, Bathrooms, You and I for guitar and mezzo-soprano (2014)
for oboe, bassoon, two electric guitars, electric bass, two violins, and four- hand piano (2014)
Almagest for two retuned harps (2013)
Rajas for guitar, violin, and frame drum (2013)
Khora for piano, horn, cello, and video projections (2013)
Dunamis for two guitars (2013)
Nowhere Found for fretless guitar, harmonium, and Sundanese kendang (2013)
From a Distance for two prepared guitars, two sarons, and double bass (2013) 
Chronos for guitar quartet and violin (2012) 
Prophecy for guitar ensemble (2012)
Motions for piano and two violins (2012)
Sonata in F Major for piano, violin, and viola (2010)

Complaints for string orchestra (2014)
Inquiline for chamber orchestra (2014)

The Maltese Teddy Bear, directed by Karl Soelter (2014)
The Absent, directed by Jairo Brito (2013)
Double Barrel, directed by Jan Heyne (2013)
Primal, directed by Jairo Brito (2012)
Graduated, directed by Nathan Habib (2011)

Homesick for Nowhere for guzheng, piano, and electronics (2014)
Being for MIDI-equipped electric guitar and live electronics (2012)
Signals (2012)
Shadow of Scartaris for fretless guitar and live electronics (MAX/MSP) (2011)
Waverly Hills (2011)
Apeiron for guitar and live electronics (MAX/MSP) (2010)
That Tone of Voice (2010)

Anaphora for unspecified ensemble (2013)
Didache for unspecified ensemble (2012)
Solace for unspecified ensemble (2012)
Triangulation for unspecified ensemble (2011)

Gongan by William Kangengiser, arranged for guitar orchestra and kendang (originally for guitar quartet)
Selected works of Ennio Morricone, arranged for guitar quartet
Bohemia Rag by Joseph Lamb, arranged for guitar quartet (originally for piano)
Sonata in B minor by Muzio Clementi, arranged for orchestra (originally for piano)