by Sean Hayward

“Buaya” is a collection of songs combining the worlds of American freak folk and Javanese gamelan gadhon. This collection of music was originally recorded in August 2017 at Lokananta Studios (Surakarta), released in June 2018, and features musicians from Poland, United States, Wales, and Java. The album is mostly about the feelings that come from living in two very different cultures, and feeling out of place in both of them.

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released June 4, 2018

Wahyu Thoyyib Pambayun - gendèr
Sean Hayward - fretless/prepared guitars
Sunarso - kendang
Ellen Jordan - gong
Jason Allen - slenthem
Nanang Bayuaji - rebab
Aga Ujma - voice
Denok - voice

songs by Sean Hayward
art by Danski Tang

Recorded August 2017 at Lokananta Records, Surakarta, Indonesia